“Remittance is one of the great use case for blockchain technology”, you may have heard this sentence everywhere, but how exactly it can solve the problem is something I want to share my views about in this article.

Remittance has always been a painful process for users because of it’s hig ...

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As you know, majority of the ICOs today are made on Ethereum (ERC20 token). But Ethereum is a big slow computer. If the intension is just to raise funds for the startup then Stellar can do a lot faster, better and cheaper! Note that stellar does not provide smart contracts, it is an open source p ...

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Node.js Logging Done the Right Way

in nodejs - 9 min read

I’m going to talk about logging in nodejs in this article. Logging is the most important part of your application but to make it work proper in scalable applications like microservice architectures becomes difficult, as you would want to know the logs you see are coming from where!

I will ...

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